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McKenzie achieves A+ Certification

image of Chris McKenzieChris McKenzie, a student at the Rowan campus of Maysville Community and Technical College, recently earned his A+ Certification, a prestigious certificate awarded by the Computing Technology Industry Association. A+ certification is a widely accepted certification that demonstrates expert knowledge of hardware and software technologies. The individual must pass two exams and demonstrate knowledge of installing, configuring, upgrading, troubleshooting and repairing desktop systems. The current pass rate is 20 percent.

McKenzie emphasized that A+ is the primary entry-level IT certification. If a person were to get only one certification, A+ would be the one to get. It shows that a person has good overall troubleshooting abilities, said McKenzie. Its good to have on a resume and is a good certificate to build on for other advanced computer certifications.

Surveys have consistently shown improved opportunities and salaries for certified candidates as opposed to non-certified individuals. In McKenzies words, A+ certification could only help ones ability to get a better job. If two applicants were applying for the same job one with A+ and one without chances are the one with A+ certification would be the one to get hired.

McKenzie is currently taking online classes toward an AAS degree in Information Technology and plans to graduate in December 2010. In addition to his studies, McKenzie is a student worker in the IT department on the Rowan Campus. McKenzie is married to Deborah and is the son of Carrie and Kevin McKenzie of Morgan County.

Training books and software are available to help prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exam. Each of the exams Hardware/Software Essentials and Practical Applications takes 1 hours to complete and can be taken at the Maysville Campus on Thursdays or Fridays. The price of the exam is normally $168 per test; however, Kentucky Community and Technical College (KCTCS) students can obtain a voucher and take the certification exam for only $74 per test. KCTCS students may contact Carolyn Kleinschmidt with Jefferson Community and Technical College to obtain the discount.