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Going Nowhere Fast

Maysville Community and Technical College

Chris Holleran is a new student at Maysville Community and Technical College. He is twenty-three-years-old and a 2005graduate of Bracken County High School. After graduation, Holleran opted to work instead of furthering his education. He took a position at Sara Lee has been there ever since.

Throughout 2009, Chris Holleran began to question his decision to work instead of attend college. I was making decent money, but I was not happy, stated Holleran when asked about his decision. He further stated that he wanted to be able to support a family with a decent job, along with the satisfaction of knowing that I had a degree that helped me get there.

Chris Holleran is not completely sure what his major will be. He is currently enrolled in the Energy Systems program. Holleran is excited about working toward Associates in Applied Science.

The Energy Systems degree will prepare Holleran for positions available in the field of Energy Systems. Upon graduation, he will have the knowledge to work safely and effectively as an operator in fossil-fueled electricity generating power plants. The program also provides information in solar, wind, geothermal, and petroleum-based technologies. With a degree in Energy Systems Technology, Holleran will have the satisfaction and achievement that he has desired for the past five years.

Maysville Community and Technical College offers both an Associates in Applied Science and a Certification in Energy Systems Technology. There are no prerequisites for admission to the Energy Systems Program. For more information programs offered at Maysville Community and Technical College, contact the admissions office at (606)759-7141. Information is also available online.