Freedom Celebration Held at Maysville Community and Technical College | MCTC

Freedom Celebration Held at Maysville Community and Technical College

Maysville, KY (May 18, 2012) Maysville Community and Technical College recently hosted the Freedom Celebration on the Maysville Campus.

The Freedom Celebration VII: A Multi-Cultural Experience featured performers and interactive exhibits highlighting a variety of cultures throughout our region and the world.

The exhibitors included Russ Ward presenting Native Americans, The First Nations of North America examining the historical artifacts, spirituality, and perseverance of tribes in our region and across the nation; Terry Srinivasan presenting Indian offering a glimpse at Indian clothing, artistry, and cuisine; Lora Puenta presenting Hispanic focusing on the religion, cuisine, and traditions of Mexico; and Joan Brannon presenting Spirit Drums sharing the rich West African cultural traditions of drumming.

Pastor Randy Taylor also offered an exhibit detailing the 100 year history of the NAACP, and Amber McGuire represented the Kentucky Organ Donor Association (KODA).

The Freedom Celebration was a great success, said Millicent Harding, event coordinator. All of the performers gave a true learning experience about the different cultures in our communities. We hope to expand the cultures represented at the Freedom Celebration in 2014.

For more information about the Freedom Celebration contact Millicent Harding at 606-759-7141 extension 66196.