Denham Building Renovations Underway | MCTC

Denham Building Renovations Underway

Beeping cranes, hard hats and caution tape is what students attending summer classes will find at Maysville Community and Technical College this year. Workers are busy removing bricks and dated windows on the exterior of the Denham Building on the Maysville Campus, sprucing up a structure that has essentially gone untouched since it was erected in 1983.

The Denham Building is one of the oldest on our campus and weather has created damage on the external surface, College President Dr. Ed Story said. Bricks currently on the building have been absorbing moisture and freezing, causing structural concerns. Several windows are leaking and have cracks, allowing air to escape.

Plans for renovations have been in the works for several years, with bids ran through the state. Cosmetic work will include removing the current brick and replacing with a higher grade brick filled with insulation, making the building weather resistant. Additionally, more energy efficient windows will be installed throughout the entire building.

We want to continue to offer a safe, secure and healthy environment for our students, said Dr. Story. This project will not only enhance the beauty of our campus, it will help us to save on energy costs. Funding for the renovations has been secured through KCTCS and remaining project funds. The makeover is projected to be completed by August 1, just before the fall semester begins.