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Coffee for the Grounds

In February of 2010, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Maysvilles Plant, located at 1705 Downing Drive in Maysville, partnered with Maysville Community and Technical College, to conduct an exciting GREEN project.

As the Horticulture coordinator for Maysville Community and Technical College, I know that our campus soils contain components which resemble mostly clay, which most plants do not benefit from. We began adding the fine organic matter in the form of coffee grounds to the display gardens surrounding the greenhouse in the spring of 2010. Mitsubishis Electrics employees, Jeremy Hester, Quality Control Engineer II, and Vanessa Gaunce, Safety amp; Environmental Specialist, say The Company has several beneficial recycling projects that take place on a daily basis. These include paper and other products, but we were searching for a way to make the coffee grounds useful.

The company donates coffee grounds, collected on a daily basis and we recycle these; the approximate 1,050 pounds of grounds have been incorporated into the gardens surrounding the greenhouse and the composting area for future use. These will add small amounts of nutrients, like Nitrogen to amend the existing soils and the coffee grounds also help loosen the particles in the clay to create a richer soil structure. They will also slightly raise the soils acidity, creating a lower pH ..And get this: they deter some insects, like slugs and snails, acting as a natural insecticide, which can potentially reduce chemical use.

These practices are examples of small scale actions relating to recycling and composting. We all make choices every day that affect our natural environments and resources.

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