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Attending college is a family affair

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Debra Morris, Associate Professor
Maysville Community and Technical College

As a parent you always want to be there for your childs firsts. First steps, first words, first day of school, but, first day of college? This is what Tammy Waddell was able to experience with her daughter Elizabeth.

Tammy began attending the Rowan Campus of Maysville Community amp; Technical College in the spring 2009 semester while Elizabeth was in her sophomore year of high school. Tammy once said to me, I think getting an education is very important. Without an education, you have no opportunities. I like to think I am the reason Elizabeth is here getting an education.

At the Rowan Campus, because of our size and mission, we are able to create the family atmosphere not only in our program areas but for our entire campus. We strive to build a solid foundation and then encourage them to move forward towards their bachelors degree. Elizabeth said she decided to come to the Rowan Campus because she had been to the campus a few times with her mom, Tammy, and she thought the teachers seemed really nice, like they wanted to help the students learn.

There are far more advantages than disadvantages to having a partner in school. Elizabeth likes being able to ask mom when she doesnt understand a concept in math class and vice versa. Fortunately, if neither can figure out the problem the staff is great. Everyone is very helpful and always willing to help with any problem. When asked if school put a strain on their relationship Elizabeth said, No, we get to spend more one on one time with each other. Classmates ask if we are sisters. We are already close but I think it is making us closer. My friends think it is cool.

Both Tammy and Elizabeth chose to pursue their Associate Degree in the only field that has continued to grow in this stagnant economy. Once they have completed their studies in the Office Systems Technology (OST) department, Medical Administrative option, they plan to work in the local hospital, clinic, or private medical office. The Medical Administrative option prepares students by including such courses as Medical Terminology, Medical Insurance, and an internship course with placement in the facility you would like to be employed. The OST department consistently evaluates the program to prepare students for the evolving technologies in the medical and administrative fields. One field that is undergoing a total transformation is the Medical Coding Field. The Medical Administrative option provides introductions to the insurance and coding aspects of the medical office but we are currently pursuing collaboration between St. Claire Regional Medical Center and our program to offer a Medical Coding Certificate geared towards training our OST students to fill an anticipated void in the coding field.

For more information on the Office Systems Technology program contact please contact me at 606-783-1538, ext. 66316 or by email. You may also contact Melissa Carroll, Professor at 606-783-1538, ext. 66333. If students are interested in other Business Administration options contact Darla Hunt, Associate Professor and Division Chair at 606-783-1538, ext. 66370.