Student Spotlight: Debra Jessie | MCTC

Student Spotlight: Debra Jessie

Student Spotlight: Debra Jessie

Debra Jessie, Montgomery Campus

Program: License Practical Nursing 

Graduated: May 8, 2018

How Has MCTC Made Your Life Better:
 I am now an LPN, one step closer to my goal which is to be an RN. I attended Morehead State University after I graduated high school, but I had to take a break for family. When I decided to return, I made the decision to transfer to MCTC. MCTC was a better fit for me, being older, having children and it was cheaper. The faculty and staff there are so helpful and caring. With a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, fifteen of us are now nurses.

Advice for Anyone Starting School at MCTC: My advice for anyone thinking of attending MCTC is to attend! The faculty and staff there are great. They are helpful and they will guide you in the right direction. MCTC is a good school, and they are getting better every day. They now have the bridge program, LPN to RN online. 

Plans after Graduation: Now that I have graduated, I can work under a provisional nursing license. I have to wait a month because my daughter just had a double lung transplant.Debra with her 3 children

What Are Some Challenges You’ve Overcome: I am a mother of three: 16-year-old twin boys and a 19-year-old girl. They all have cystic fibrosis. Their lives consist of early mornings, late nights, medications, breathing treatments, and vests every day. For years, my days were the same. It tends to take over and you lose yourself. When my daughter turned 16, I decided I needed something for myself.

Spending time in the hospital made me realize I was where I needed to be. I decided to go back to school and become a nurse because taking care of people is what makes me happy. I started the nursing program in January of 2017. I spent most of my nursing program traveling back and forth to school from UK Hospital. December 29, 2017 was the day that my daughter was admitted to UK again, but this time was different. She struggled for the weekend to breathe, and then she had to be put on the ventilator, however, it did not help so they added the EKMO. It bought some time for my daughter and time was something she didn’t have a lot of.

School started back after New Year, and I attended. School was my way to help me get ahold of myself. I would get in my vehicle and drive and think and talk to myself and pray. I never missed a day of class or clinicals. On April 13, 2018 my daughter got her lungs. I graduated on May 8 and was pinned on May 11.

I had told everyone that I wanted my daughter to pin me because we had both worked so hard to get here. She was not able because she was still in the hospital recovering from her lung transplant. While she did not attend in body, she did attend though FaceTime. I had been with her through it all and she was getting to watch her mom become a nurse. This journey was not easy, but anything easy is not worth having. “He will not put no more on you than you can handle,” is the promise I kept hearing in my head. Never think that you cannot do something, because you can. You can do or become anything you want, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

"You can be what you want and get the help you need to help you
achieve your dreams at MCTC!"