Student Spotlight: Marlena Fryman | MCTC

Student Spotlight: Marlena Fryman

Marlena Fryman, Licking Valley Campus

Program: Associate in Applied Science – Industrial Maintenance

Graduation Date: May 9th, 2018Marlena Fryman

How Has MCTC Made Your Life Better: I loved my time at MCTC! The professors were great and the class size was small enough for one-on-one time with our professors. As a kid I used to take things apart just to put them back together again, I feel like this is the career I was meant to be in. MCTC helped me gain my degree in a field that allows me to fulfil my childhood dreams.

Advice for Anyone Starting School at MCTC: Don’t be afraid! Also, don’t be afraid to go into male dominant programs of study. I was the only girl in most of my classes, but the guys never made me feel like an outcast or like I was less capable. Follow your dreams!

Plans after Graduation:  I plan to transfer to Morehead State University to major in Technology Management. One day I would love to be a vocational teacher as well!