Student Spotlight: Angela Jarvis | MCTC

Student Spotlight: Angela Jarvis

Angela Jarvis, Montgomery Campus

Program: Associates in Science  

Graduation Date: Spring 2017

How Has MCTC Made Your Life Better:  Attending MCTC right out of home school was a huge help because I was able to have a closer relationship with my instructors which really prepared me for moving onto another college after my Associates. I felt very connected there which encouraged me to do more than I thought I could.Angela Jarvis

Advice for Anyone Starting School at MCTC: My advice for incoming students is to apply completely into the material. The instructors are there for you, and you can learn so much when you are devoted. Get involved and go to events there! It’s a great way to connect with everyone. Also, never be afraid to ask questions.

Plans after Graduation: I’m currently enrolled at Berea College studying Agriculture. My expected graduation date is in 2020. This summer I am spending 3 months in Topeka, Kansas working at the Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center. I will learn how to handle many different types of animals, and I’ll be teaching groups of children about them and their importance in this world. This internship will help me decide on whether I want to go more into the direction of environmental education, animal conservation, or forestry, or a little bit of all of them!

“MCTC has helped evolve me into the person I am today. It was a great stepping stone leading me into a great direction.”