Student Spotlight: Chelsea Bowman | MCTC

Student Spotlight: Chelsea Bowman

Published on Mar 7, 2018

Chelsea Bowman, Licking Valley Campus

Program: Associates of ArtsChelsea

Graduation Date: May 9th, 2018

Current Employer & Position: Front Desk Receptionist at MCTC Licking Valley Campus.

How Has MCTC Made Your Life Better: It has allowed me to have so many amazing opportunities in the class room, outside of the classroom with student organizations, they have helped with making school affordable and made the transition, after graduation, to Morehead State University a lot smoother. I feel as if MCTC was the best decision I've made for myself when considering college. I love it so much and I'm sad to leave in May. 

Advice for Anyone Starting School at MCTC: Join in student organizations! They help you with getting to know your teachers, peers, and different places within the community. It takes a lot of work but you can achieve anything you put your mind to!