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Student Spotlight: Alex Verch

Alex Verch, Montgomery Campus

Start Date: I will begin classes at MCTC in the fall of 2018.

Program: HVAC

Tell us a little about yourself: I am/was the Educators Rising chaplain before the club was cut. I re-evaluated my career choice and decided to go into HVAC. I also have been in Strategic Gaming Club for 4 years, mostly to play D&D and Magic the Gathering with friends. Outside of school, I am a huge fan of oral storytelling and I plan to join one of the many storytellers' guilds or the Kentucky Storytelling Association after college. I also enjoy reading, fishing, and hiking. Alex Verch

What made you decide to attend MCTC: The admissions counselors are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with and there is an obvious desire to help the student they are talking to. Also, MCTC is the only college that gave me a straight answer about tuition, housing/commuting, books, scholarships and pretty much anything else I needed to know. It was refreshing to not get the runaround that most major universities put me through. I chose the path of community college for two reasons... The first reason was economics: I can enter the workforce without worrying about having student loans hanging over my head for my entire life. The second reason was the wide scope of degrees and certificates MCTC offers.

What has impressed you thus far about MCTC: I was already excited to get a degree I could use in the real world, but the thing that really sealed the deal was when the HVAC professor called my house to welcome me into the class. Like I said, MCTC has some of the nicest people I have ever met.

What are your future career plans and/or goals: I hope to land a stable job with the degrees I earn from MCTC. I plan to be debt free and MCTC's low cost helps me further that financial aim. As I said earlier, I also plan to join a storytelling guild.

“MCTC is my best option for not only getting multiple technical degrees but it also gives more opportunities to enter the workforce”