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Pamela Powell to Represent MCTC at National Poetry Contest

U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan, an advocate of community colleges, has joined with the Community College Humanities Association (CCHA) and the Library of Congress to highlight the excellent creative work that community college students can produce, in part with a national poetry competition. As the Library of Congress website explains, [t]he poetry contestis being conducted by the CCHA for community college students. Each participating campus will select a winning poem, which may then be considered for the online anthology to be featured on [the Library of Congress] site in April 2010.

English faculty in M.C.T.C.s Liberal Arts amp; Education division has selected I NEVER FORGET, by Pamela Powell, as the best poem to represent our college in the national contest. For more information.


The day that I remembered

Was more like waking up than remembering

And years

Upon years

Of blank white pages

were filled with terrible lovely things

The biggest shock

Was that a person

Any person

Could ever forget at all

It is odd how


I never could be still

I paced like the lion I keep in a box

Most people dont even know

I have it because

What would you say if someone told you

they kept a lion in a box

But I feed it

Every morning at eight a.m.

I never forget.

Ironic to even say I never forget


The girl who forgot


Even her own face

The same color as sand

Managed to forget her brother

Lying still and cool

The same color as chalk

But I digress

I do that a lot

Since I got the lion

I feed it

Blue steaks

Which I am told

Is the only food that satisfies


And I am made to believe it

When he first came

I tried my best

To only feed him WORDS

And believe you me

He nearly ate me

So now

Blue steaks

Every morning at eight a.m.

I never forget.