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MCTC Licking Valley Campus is on The Move

Maysville Community and Technical College has been creating opportunities and fueling the dreams of many in Cynthiana for twenty years. During that twenty year span, there have been numerous milestones for the college. The first extension of the college was opened in 1989 in a rented space. In 2002, a new building was built to accommodate the expanding number of students. In 2007, enrollment topped 3,500 for the college! In the fall term of 2009 MCTC added to their facilities by opening another extension in Cynthiana for the Health Science students.

The new extension is not at the Licking Valley campus, but at The Square. According to Lauren Maddox, Health Science assistant, it was not an easy process to find a location that met the Kentucky Community and Technical College System requirements. The new extension is open Monday through Friday, from eight a.m. until four p.m. Despite the many hurdles, Ms. Maddox stated, The new facility is well worth the all encompassing search. The new extension provides opportunities for the many students who want into the nursing program but could not afford the commute to either the Maysville or Rowan campus.

With the new extension, the next goal is to have enough staff and funds to offer the classes more often that what it is now; every two years. Currently, there are a total of thirty-nine students enrolled, twenty-one for the two year associate degree nursing program, and eighteen for the practical nursing diploma program. The Health Science extension also offers classes in KMA, CPR, and Phlebotomy. Our ultimate goal is to add a new building close to the college campus. This will open so many doors, for so many people..., Mattox said. But for now, we are excited to have our new facility. There is nothing fancy about the sign above the door that reads Maysville Community amp; Technical College, Health Science Extension. But inside there are scores of opportunities just waiting for someone to seize them.