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Its Not an Ashtray

Brandi G. McElfresh, student writer

Maysville Community and Technical College offers its students a variety of amenities to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of each student. At any given time, students can be seen talking or studying in the caf. Lounge areas all along the corridors are the scenes of students deep in their books preparing for tests or discussing grades achieved on tests. Maysville Community and Technical College caters to students, providing clubs and student groups, free Wi-Fi, and a courtyard where students can voice their opinions.

Currently being used as an ashtray with blatant disregard for proper cigarette butt disposal, currently being used by the smokers only portion of the college students, the courtyard is an area that holds great potential. The courtyard is an area where the students of Maysville Community and Technical College can speak their minds without censorship. Students can come together with a mutual idea and rally. Students can promote something valuable. They can protest something harmful or discriminatory. The courtyard can be a place of celebration.

A challenge is being set for the students of Maysville Community and Technical College. Stop using the courtyard as an ashtray! Come together with peers and use the courtyard as it was meant to be used. Use the courtyard as a stage for the voices of students to be heard.