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MCTC to Offer Accelerated HVAC Program

February 24, 2020
by Brady Shultz

Maysville, KY – Beginning in the Fall of 2020 Maysville Community & Technical College (MCTC) is offering the first in a series of accelerated programs to allow students to graduate with a diploma in a skilled trade in less than a year.

The Air Conditioning Technology program (also known as HVAC) offered on the Montgomery Campus will be the first to add an accelerated option, which will be offered in addition to the current two-year plan, to students looking for a job in a technical field.

Adam Hawkins“We’ve listened to our students and this is what they are asking for”, says Adam Hawkins, Associate Professor of Air Conditioning Technology. “Currently our full HVAC program can be completed in two years. Rearranging part of our schedule and increasing the frequency of our classes allows students taking the accelerated option to get in and out quickly into a field that is currently in high demand where they can make a great wage,” says Hawkins.

An alternative to the accelerated plan, is a more traditional schedule that allows students to attend classes as few as two days per week, while taking eight-week classes instead of the traditional sixteen-week format. This allows students a more flexible schedule affording them the opportunity to work in the HVAC field while simultaneously enrolled as a student.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive 1500 hours which are equivalent to one year of field experience that can be applied toward their Kentucky HVAC Journeyman Mechanic license. The state of Kentucky requires two years of documented field experience to apply, so by completing the HVAC program, graduates eliminate one year from their apprenticeship requirements.

The college also offers opportunities for apprenticeship placements to provide students the ability to put into practice the lessons they learn while in class. This hands-on approach to learning is at the core of the technical programs offered at MCTC.

Students can expect to earn their first credential within the first eight weeks of classes and will earn a series of additional credentials and a diploma at the end of the program. They will also be able to obtain their EPA 608 Universal Refrigerant Certification, which is a requirement for anyone wishing to purchase or work with refrigerants in the HVAC industry.

Due to the current shortfall of workers needed to fill jobs in Air Conditioning Technology field these classes are eligible for the Kentucky Work Ready Scholarship meaning the program can be completed tuition-free.

“An accelerated option for the HVAC program is another important program change at the college,” says Stephen Vacik, MCTC President and CEO. He noted that other college programs, especially within the Allied Health Division, were also working on accelerated options to address student and industry demands. “Traditional sixteen-week semesters haven’t changed in decades.  They certainly are appropriate for some students and programs, and that is how colleges will continue to be portrayed in movies and on the posters in schools across the nation.  But we live in the REAL WORLD. And when students come to MCTC with a career in mind – in almost all cases – they are hoping to graduate as soon as possible. They are coming to us expecting a better life and these accelerated programs will help them graduate within a timeframe that makes sense in today’s fast-paced economy,” says Vacik.

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