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4th Annual Licking River Writers Finalist Announced

Winners to be Announced at the Gala Dinner to be held at the Prizing House in Cynthiana on Friday, Sept. 28.

CYNTHIANA, Kentucky- MCTC Licking Valley Campus -- Over a hundred people were in attendance at the Fourth Annual Licking River Writers Finalist Reception on the Licking Valley Campus on Wednesday, June 27, 2012.

We each have something bursting inside of us. We each pick up our pencils, pens, keyboards. We each poke a small hole in that balloon of our lives and let that bursting feeling come onto the page. Sometimes it is beautiful. And sometimes it makes a mess. But that is the writing life, isnt it? We cant not write. And I am so grateful for that, said Kristy Cox, Executive Director of the LVC Writers Conference and an organizer of the finalist reception. We wrote, we submitted, we were judged. And we were not found wanting in many cases.

Writers from Harrison and surrounding counties were invited to submit their manuscripts to the writing contest earlier this spring and those manuscripts were judged by independent, professional writers in Youth, Juvenile and Adult categories. Judges then chose finalists in each category. The reception was intended to encourage and recognize the chosen writers, as each finalist received an award ribbon and was given a chance to read their manuscripts.

Finalists in alphabetical order are as follows: Hallie Adams, Juvenile Poetry, Samantha Arthurs, Adult Nonfiction, Marilynn Bell, Adult Fiction amp; Poetry, Samantha Brothers, Juvenile Poetry, Jinger Brunner, Adult Nonfiction, Maranda Buchanan, Youth Story, Emily Cain, Juvenile Story, Nolyn Carter, Youth Poetry, Wylie Caudill, High School Poetry, Shawn Combs, Adult Nonfiction, LaShawn Cooper, Juvenile Poetry, Anna Cox, Juvenile Poetry amp; Story, Patrick Craycraft, High School Poetry, Daniel Daff, Youth Poetry, Gracie Davis, Youth Story, Evan Duszynski, Adult Poetry, Taylor Edwards, Youth Story, Conner England, High School Story, Jerad Eskridge, Juvenile Story, Haley Evans, High School Poetry, Taylor Everage, Juvenile Story, McKenzie Gaunce, Youth Poetry, Terri Gebauer, Adult Fiction, Ceara Gosney, High School Poetry, Haygen Greenlee, Youth Poetry, Chloe Grimm, Youth Story, Gabrielle Hadley, Juvenile Story, Samantha Hailey, High School Poetry, Sandy Hamilton, Adult Inspirational Nonfiction, Sheridan Harrison, Youth Story, Brannan Herrington, High School Story, Tamera Hicks, Adult Fiction, Nonfiction, Inspirational Fiction, amp; Poetry , Amanda Hooper, Adult Poetry, Shanyn Jacobson, Juvenile Story, Wyatt Johnson, Youth Story, John Jordan, Adult Inspirational Nonfiction, Kellsie Kennedy, High School Story, Todd King, Adult Poetry, Elizabeth Kinner, Juvenile Story, Danielle Kinney, Youth Story, Demi Lemons, Youth Story, Mark Mattmiller, Adult Fiction, Emily McGuire, High School Story, Tabitha Miller, High School Poetry amp; Story, Caraline Morgan, Adult Fiction, Chyanne Nichols, Youth Poetry, Joel Patrick, Youth Poetry, Andrew Perraut, Youth Poetry, John Perraut, Youth Poetry, Adelyn Petty, Youth Story, Christine Philpot, Adult Nonfiction , Rachel Quinn, Adult Poetry, Ethan Rognstad, High School Poetry, Amanda Sharpe, Adult Inspirational Fiction, Reece Shirley, Youth Story, Paco Silva, Juvenile Story, Rebecca Simpson, Adult Nonfiction, Mark Sims, Adult Poetry, Harry Smith, High School Story , David Snell, Adult Fiction, Emily Sorrel, Juvenile Poetry, Anna Spear, Adult Fiction, Katelyn Stein, Juvenile Story, Haley Stratton, High School Poetry, Erin Thomas, Youth Poetry, Javan Thomas, Juvenile Poetry, Teryl Tribble, Adult Poetry, Angel Turnberg, Adult Poetry, Josie Valentine, High School Poetry, Jacob Wheeler, Youth Poetry, Devon Williams, High School Story.

Place winners in each category will be announced at the Gala Dinner to be held at The Prizing House in Cynthiana on Friday, September 28. For more information on tickets for the Gala Dinner, contact Licking Valley Campus at 859-234-8626.