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Take Charge of Your Future!

Published on Nov 7, 2017

by Brandy Esham 

Many who have dropped out of high school dream of going back and getting their GED, but many let the anxieties of life hold them back from taking charge of their future. That is how Anna Pecina felt when she started her journey to a better future, but it turned out to be the best decision of her life!

Anna overcame several hurdles to achieve her goal of earning her GED. She had three children, family illness, financial instability, and no mode of transportation. But Anna overcame all these hurdles and in 2012 she earned her GED with the help of the Adult Education Department at Maysville Community & Technical College (MCTC).Anna Pecina

Anna didn’t stop there, in 2013 she entered the Nursing Program at MCTC. In May of 2016, Anna graduated with a diploma in Nursing. Upon entering the Nursing Program, Anna was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  

“I didn’t know what to expect”, recalls Anna. “I found out that I was very capable and the best part was meeting new people that had the same desire to work toward a common goal.”

 Anna also had to overcome another hurdle – being the first in her family to attend college.

 “MCTC gave me the opportunity to prove that I was more than what was reflected on me”, related Anna. “MCTC helped me from day one. I got connected with tutoring services, the Ready to Work Program, and other programs that were designed to help students do their best.”

Anna is thankful she took charge of her future. She accredits this life-changing opportunity to the Adult Education Department and the Nursing Program at MCTC. Anna wants to encourage others to take charge of their future as well.

“My advice to incoming freshmen or those who are starting to work on earning a GED is to take advantage of the services available to help you be successful. Get involved, don’t miss class, and talk to your professors if you don’t understand something. Most importantly, take charge of your future!”

If you would like to take charge of your future, contact MCTC’s Adult Education Services today! https://maysville.kctcs.edu/academics/adult_education/[BROKEN LINK]