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MCTC Nursing Students Earn 100% Pass Rate on National Exam

by Brandy Esham

Maysville Community & Technical College (MCTC) Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) and Registered Nursing (RN) students had 100% pass rate on the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX). The NCLEX tests the competency of nursing school graduates. After graduation from nursing school, the student takes the NCLEX exam to receive his or her nursing license.  A nursing license gives an individual permission to practice nursing and is granted by the state where he or she met the requirements.

This isn’t the first year the RN and LPN programs of MCTC have had 100% pass rates. The Licking Valley Campus (LVC) RN program has had a 100% pass rate for 4 years in a row and the Maysville Campus LPN program has had a 100% pass rate for 2 years in a row. The Rowan Campus LPN and Maysville Campus Online LPN to RN programs both had 100% pass rate for 2018.

MCTC Nursing Program Director, Debbie Nolder, is thrilled with the results her students are achieving but she isn’t surprised.

“MCTC has always produced outstanding nurses. The Nursing Program is tough because we want our graduates to be able to provide the highest quality of care to the people of our community. The recent exceptional pass rates speak to the excellence and dedication of our superb nursing faculty.”

Students in the Nursing Program undergo a rigorous course of study.  Nursing faculty facilitate student learning by using various teaching methods in the classroom and laboratory to help the student understand the material presented.  Additionally, one-on-one tutoring by faculty is offered to students who may need additional help. Besides classroom or didactic information, students are accompanied by faculty to various area clinical sites where they participate in patient care and learn the latest nursing technologies available.

The national pass rate for the NCLEX in 2018 was 86.6%.

To learn more about MCTC’s Nursing Program please click here or contact Debbie Nolder at or (606) 759-7141 ext. 66253.