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Student Spotlight: Jesus Arizpe

by Brady Shultz

Jesus Arizpe grew up with his family working in the tobacco industry in North Carolina. He joined his father and grandfather in the family business. It was hard work, but they were good at it and had gained a reputation that led them to run tobacco distribution operations for some of the industry’s largest names. It was an opportunity with one of these large operations that led Jesus to Kentucky. He was managing a distribution center and thought that his future was secure. But, then a change in the tobacco market led to the news that he thought he’d never hear. The warehouse was closing and he would have to find another job. And because the tobacco industry was in a downturn he would be forced to find work outside of the industry where his family had worked for generations.Jesus

He landed a job at a local plant who made industrial enclosures for the manufacturing industry. The work was technical and fast paced, but Jesus picked up the job quickly and adjusted very well to his new career. But by chance, the plant announced that they would also be closing his site to move operations to another facility. So he found himself looking for a new career…once again.

Jesus was never one to let a bit of bad luck effect his spirit. But he knew he wanted a more secure foundation this next time around. He wanted a marketable skill that would ensure he would never have a difficult search to find a job again. That is when he learned he was eligible for a program that would provide him the training he needed to land a career with a high-wage and the job security he needed.

“I’ve gotten great support from my wife, friends, family, since I started back to school.  I also have to thank the staff members of MCTC because without their support I don't know that I would have made it this far in school without them. It’s been hard but I know it will be worth it. “

In two semesters Jesus will graduate from MCTC with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science with an accounting option. When he walks across the stage to receive his diploma, he be the first of his family to graduate from college. But, chances are he won’t be the last.