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Published on May 9, 2017

Maysville, KY -- This year, Maysville Community and Technical College launched the MCTC High School Culinary Challenge, a two-part contest for high school juniors and seniors. The challenge gave students a chance to win a full tuition scholarship to the Maysville Institute of the Culinary Arts. The first part of the contest challenged students to create a three to five-minute video essay detailing how they became interested in culinary arts, why an education in the culinary arts is important to them and what they plan to do with a degree in culinary arts.

After students sent in their videos, Chef Patrick Zemba, the Director of the Maysville Institute of Culinary Arts, viewed the videos and selected students to participate in the second part of the challenge, a cooking competition. During the cooking competition, the students were given ingredients from a mystery basket and were challenged to prepare a dish. The mystery basket ingredients included a red pepper, sweet potato, pineapple and pork. After the dishes were prepared, a panel of judges chose a winner.

Kim Weaver, a senior from Mason County High School, won the challenge by creating a delectable stir fry. Along with the mystery basket ingredients, Weaver used risotto as a rice substitute, added in broccoli and made a homemade sweet and sour sauce to tie the dish together. “The dish was very well executed and had great flavor. Risotto is very hard to prepare, but the way Kim used it in her dish worked very well. She is going to be an excellent addition to the Culinary Arts program,” noted Chef Patrick.

Along with extreme bragging rights, Weaver also won the full-tuition scholarship and will be attending MCTC’s Maysville Institute of the Culinary Arts this fall.  MCTC will host the same challenge next year. Additional details regarding the challenge and deadlines are forth coming. 

For more information about the Culinary Arts program or next year’s challenge, contact Chef Patrick Zemba at (606)564-9992 or by email at

Pictured: Mason County High School senior Kim Weaver proudly displays her winning dish with Maysville Institute of Culinary Arts Instructor, Chef Patrick Zemba.