image from Meadowview Regional Medical Center's environmental services staff along with Dr. Stephen Vacik, and officials from MRMCMaysville Community and Technical College and Meadowview Regional Medical Center recently partnered to offer the Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician (CHEST) program to Meadowviews entire environmental services staff. This partnership is the first in the nation to jointly offer this program by a community college and a medical facility.

The CHEST program was developed by the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association and was released in July 2015. This comprehensive training and certification program addresses the essential and evolving job tasks of healthcare environmental services technicians (ESTs). Program topics include infection prevention, linen handling, environmental services of equipment and supplies, cleaning and disinfecting throughout a healthcare facility and more. As of April 1, only 213 healthcare ESTs across the nation had taken the program certification assessment.

MCTC Instructor Rick Douglas attended training in November to become a certified trainer for the program. Douglas reflects on the experience, I feel the most important part of the training is instilling confidence and having the ESTs realize just how important they are to the daily operation of the hospital. MCTC Biology Professor Sharon Wilson assisted Rick with the training at Meadowview.

Seventeen Meadowview ESTs completed the training program: Teresa Adams, Carolyn Beckett, Hilda Blankenship, Lisa Blythe, Stephanie Dooloukas, Melville Edie, Dawn Hobbs, Linda Hord, Frances Jones, Melissa Leist, Charles Mark Miller, Cheryl Mondragon, Rebecca Phillips, Christie Powell, Karen Rothwell, Vickie Stone and Bambi Winkle.

Robert Parker, Meadowview CEO and market president stated, "our environmental services team members are on the frontlines to prevent infections by utilizing the latest techniques and this training program gives them even more tools to accomplish that goal."

Billy Hicks, Director of Support Services commented, "this program will help enhance the hospital's infection control program through better understanding of products and procedures that will affect the team's role in direct patient care.

For more information about the CHEST program contact MCTC at 606-759-7141, ext. 66120 or email Rick Douglas.