Courses for Culinary Professionals Offered through MCTCs Maysville Institute of Culinary Arts

Maysville Community and Technical Colleges Maysville Institute of Culinary Arts will be offering courses for professionals working within the culinary industry.

The first course will be held Tuesday, September 18, and will enhance the participants knowledge of customer service, flavor profiles, plate presentation, and simple garnishing techniques to please todays guests.

The second course to be held Tuesday, September 25, will present the health benefits and simple techniques of using fresh and seasonal herbs to enhance taste while reducing sodium content.

The final course will be held Wednesday, October 10. Ingredient selections, cooking techniques, and proper seasoning will be addressed in addition to guidelines for recipe modification and menu development.

Each course will take place at the Maysville Instituteof Culinary Arts , located in the the Cox Building at 2 East Third Street in downtown Maysville, from 2:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. on the specified dates. The cost to attend each course is $40.

For more information or to register contact 606-759-7141 extension 66120.