image of Amanda FloresPursuing a college education is a big decision for anyone. For one 64 year old, it was a lifelong dream.

Amanda Flores had followed many different career paths before enrolling as a student at Maysville Community and Technical College.

I have had many jobs in my life from nursing and working with the postal service to being a business owner, Amanda said. I must say that learning has been the most rewarding.

Amandas original career goal did not include completing an associates degree. Her intention was to complete the one class that was necessary for her to receive her Phlebotomy Certification.

After receiving my certificate as a phlebotomist, she said, I soon discovered that there was a waiting list for phlebotomists at the local hospital where I lived.

At this point she decided to check out Maysville Community and Technical College.

I had personally thought that my age was going to be a major obstacle, Amanda said. To my surprise, it wasn't. I enrolled as a student, completed the COMPASS exam, registered for classes, and the rest is history.

The support Amanda received from college staff and faculty members has had the biggest impact on her success as a student.

There is an open door policy available to all students for counseling or guidance in the right direction toward achieving their goals, she said. MCTC has been very inspiring and rewarding for me, and I am positive that it will be for anyone interested in pursuing a college education. I took my first step with MCTC. I am starting a new career in my sixties and will always be grateful for this opportunity.

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