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MCTC Expanding Fresh Start Student Debt Forgiveness Program

June 15, 2021
by Brady Shultz
It's time for a Fresh Start

The Fresh Start Student Debt Payback Program at Maysville Community and Technical College is expanding eligibility for even more former students.  

Last Fall, the college began notifying previous students, who were in good standing but left the college before completing a degree and still owed a past due balance about the new debt forgiveness program. At its inception, the program offered to waive $1,000 of their existing student debt if they re-enroll and work towards finishing their degree. 

The program expansion allows for students with more than $1,000 past due on their account to also be eligible for the program.  

Also changed are the enrollment timeline requirements. Previously, to qualify, students could not have been enrolled within the past year but those restrictions have also been lifted. 

“We have had some great initial success with Fresh Start,” says MCTC Chief Financial Officer, Barb Campbell. “We’ve been able to re-enroll a number of students that might not otherwise be able to come back to finish their degree.” 

Students who take advantage of the program will be required to enroll in at least six credit hours toward their degree or certification, apply for financial aid, meet all financial aid and account balance requirements, maintain a “C” average and meet with the college’s success coaches as well as attend required tutoring sessions of other support services if recommended by instructor, coach or advisor.  

“The past year has been tough,” Campbell says. “A lot of students had to put their college plans on hold, Fresh Start is just one more way MCTC can help them get back on track.”   

Former MCTC students interested in the Fresh Start program can find more information at