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Good first impression leads to $50,000 endowment gift for MCTC

September 28, 2021
by Keith Kappes

Jim Johnson and Coleen Quinn present a ceremonial check for $50,000 to Cara W. Clarke of the MCTC Foundation.The positive influence of a good first impression has resulted in a $50,000 endowment gift to Maysville Community and Technical College to help students with educational expenses.

Jim Johnson and Coleen Quinn, a married couple in Lexington, decided recently to create an endowment to benefit college students. Both are successful computer science professionals.

“We agreed that it was time to start giving back and that helping college students would be a great way to do that,” Johnson recalled. “Next, we considered how our gift could have the most impact on students. That led us to recall a meeting years ago with an MCTC faculty member. He shared the mission of two-year colleges and the challenges faced at that level.”

That recollection led to the establishment of the Hanover Scholarship and Assistance Fund Endowment through a gift of $50,000 to the MCTC Foundation.

“We realized that our gift likely would have a greater impact at MCTC than it might at a four-year university,” Johnson added.  “Coleen and I feel most fortunate in being able to assist MCTC students with this investment in their futures.”   

Cara W. Clarke, executive director of the MCTC Foundation, said of the couple’s generosity:

“We are so grateful for this wonderful gift and for the positive impression of years ago that eventually helped motivate Jim and Coleen to make a difference in the lives of MCTC students.”

An endowment fund is invested with earnings used only for the purpose for which it was created. To learn how you can create an endowment fund now or in the future, go online to