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MCTC Celebrates Achievements, Promotions and Years of Service

September 2, 2021
by Brady Shultz

The administration of Maysville Community and Technical College (MCTC) marked achievements, promotions and years of service by its faculty and staff during their most recent Friday Forum held on August 27.  

This ceremony traditionally occurs during the college’s Fall convocation but was held remotely this year due to the COVID pandemic. 

“The pandemic kept us from coming together physically for this recognition, but that does not make these achievements any less significant,” says Interim President Russ Ward. “The team at MCTC has time and again shown its resiliency and I’m glad we were able to celebrate that once again.”  

Recognition as follows:    

Faculty Institute on Teaching 

Michelle Thoroughman - Developer Team, Missy Bishop - v2 Developer Team/Mentor, Jennifer Ouderkirk – Mentor 

KCTCS Innovative Educator 

Jacquelin Tumlin, Jennifer Garner, Lauren Donovan 

Faculty Institute on Teaching: Foundations 

Rebecca Pugh 

KCTCS LEAD Academy (Leadership Enrichment and Development)  

Brady Shultz, Maggie Price, Justin Weiss 

Years of Service 

5 Years of Service - William Booker, James Crouch, Blaine Ostrom, Charles Lykins, Jessica Sorrell, Mary Prater, David Hatton 

10 Years of Service – Melinda Walker 

15 Years of Service – Garon Overley, Jessica Kern 

20 Years of Service – Debra Kennard, Carrie Taylor, Marlene Vice  

25 Years of Service – Sandy Power, Tina Curtis 

30 Years of Service - Dana Calland, Lori Gaunce, Gwynn Gallenstein 

35 Years of Service – Jeff Wylie  

Faculty Promotions 

Professor - Brianna Whitten, Justin Weiss, Kenneth Barnett, Melanie Morris 

Assistant Professor - Dawn Greenfield, Elizabeth Dement, Tyler Newsom 

Associate Professor - Michelle Thoroughman, Dallas McKinney