Twins Meet Requirements for Associate Degree Before Graduating High School

Apr 3, 2018

by Brandy Esham

Hannah and Haley Creech aren’t your typical high school seniors, both Hannah and Haley have completed the hours needed to earn an Associates of Arts during their senior year of high school. Hannah and Haley, both seniors at Harrison County High School, began taking classes at the Licking Valley Campus of Maysville Community & Technical College (MCTC) in the fall of 2015 when they were just beginning their sophomore year. The Creech sisters took 2 classes a semester during their regular school hours and a few online classes over the summer. The Creech sisters are thrilled they took advantage of the dual credit arrangement with MCTC.

“Having my general education credits going to college will help me be able to double major since all of my credits will transfer to whatever college I attend.” – Hannah

“This experience has helped me prepare for college-level material. I feel like my writing skills have improved and I am much more prepared for the transition from high school to college.” – Haley

 Hannah and Haley both have plans to continue their education after graduating from high school in May. Hannah plans to attend Northern Kentucky University to major in Computer Science and Haley plans to attend the United States Naval Academy to major in Computer Science, Political Science or another related field of study.Hannah & Haley

Both encourage all their fellow classmates to take advantage of the dual credit arrangement at MCTC. The main thing they want their classmates to know is that completing your Associates of Arts while taking your regular high school courses is very manageable. Both girls took AP classes at Harrison County High School while enrolled at MCTC and both were very active in extracurricular activities and clubs such as Beta Club, KEY Club, French Club and Varsity Track and Field at Harrison County High School. Haley recently won 1st place in pole vaulting at the KTCCCA Indoor State Track and Field Championship, leaping 9-feet, 6-inches, setting a school record as well.

Both girls say they were very comfortable coming to MCTC even as sophomores. And their favorite part of MCTC? The small class sizes and being able to interact with their professors. Their final thoughts on taking dual credit courses at MCTC?

“Do it! Everyone should do it. It saves you money and time, but it also helps you prepare for college now and helps you to see what you need to be doing in high school to be successful in college. Overall, MCTC has given us a great start to our future.”