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Calling all MCTC Healthcare Heroes

Group of nursing students dressed in white lab coats jumping and raising their hands happily after finishing their program.

For Healthcare Education Week during October 19-23, 2020, we want to share a video on our social media channels honoring former MCTC students who are now healthcare professionals!

If you're a former student of MCTC who now works in the field of healthcare, send us a video or photo of yourself in your workplace using the form below by 5 p.m. on October 16th.

  • When taking your photo or video, please choose an area of your workplace that is safe to share on public social media.
  • Please take photos and record videos in horizontal/landscape orientation (not vertical/portrait orientation).
  • It is ok if you’re wearing your masks since that is a current pertinent health precaution!
  • It's ok if you'd like to take a group photo or video rather than by yourself! Just please remember to observe social distancing/covid protocols.
  • If you take a video: Please introduce yourself, state what your current title is, what campus you were from and what year you graduated. For example: “Hi! My name is Melanie Morris, and I’m a Registered Nurse from the Licking Valley Campus class of 2016.”

Fill out the form to submit your photos and videos here:

Healthcare Heroes Submission Form