Faculty and Staff Directory 2017-2018
LVC-Licking Valley Campus - 859-234-8626
MYC-Maysville Campus - 606-759-7141 
MC-Montgomery Campus -  859-499-6282
RC-Rowan Campus - 606-783-1538
EKCC-East KY Correctional Complex - 606-473-2800
RCDE-Rowan Campus Downtown Extension - 606-780-0629 
FRTA-Fire Rescue Training Area 09 - 606-784-1393  
Department Title Location Telephone Email
President's Office        
Dr. Steve Vacik President/CEO MYC 66101/66147
Amanda Conley Executive Administrative Assistant MYC 66147
Dr. Thomas Ware Provost/Chief Academic Officer MC 66114
Lori Gaunce Campus Director/Registrar LVC 66405
Russ Ward Chief Operations Officer/COO MYC 66271
Rebecca Morton Campus Director  MC 66501
Institutional Advancement        
Cara Clarke Director, Advancement/Foundation Executive Director MYC 66176
Vacant Director, Grants and Contracts MYC    
Tammy Fite Office Coordinator MYC 66227
Institutional Planning, Research, & Effectiveness        
Pam Stafford Dean, Institutional Effectiveness (Associate Dean, IPRE & Accreditation Liason) MYC 66242
Karen May Education Coordinator RC 66349
Enrollment & Student Services        
Jessica Kern Chief Officer, Student Affairs (Enrollment Services) MYC 66271
Jason Butler Student Affairs Supervisor/Recruiter MYC 66138
Lauren Mattox Director of Admissions and Assessment LVC 66436
Mollie Malone Student Affairs Assistant III (Admissions/Campus Recruiter) MYC 66185
Vacant Student Affairs Assistant III (Admissions/Campus Recruiter) RC 66340  
Natalee Brown Director of Recruitment MC 66503
Ida Robertson Department Assistant II (Testing Coordinator) RC/MC 66327
Jessica Margraff Department Assistant II (Testing Coordinator) MYC 66191
Jacob Wolfe Student Affairs Assistant II (Testing Coordinator/Admissions) LVC 66421
Cultural Diversity        
Millicent Harding Director, Cultural Diversity/VA Certifying Official  MYC 66196
Disability Support Services        
Teresa Conway College counselor/Disability Support Services Coordinator RC 66319
Financial Aid        
Sandy Power Director, Financial Aid LVC 66404
Shannon Lightner Student Financial Aid Specialist MYC 66135
Jessica Sorrell Student Financial Aid Specialist RC 66309
Kathy Linville Coordinator, Financial Aid part-time LVC 66403
Leslie Storie Student Financial Aid Coordinator MC 66515
Amanda Miley Administrative Assistant I MYC 66267
Lori Gaunce  Registrar/Licking Valley Campus Director LVC 66405
Hannah Thornton Assistant Registrar MYC 66184
Anita McCoy Student Affairs Assistant III (Records) RC 66314
Isaac Klee Student Affairs Assistant II (Records) MC 66522
Student Success        
Tabatha Butler Title III Project Director MYC 66209
Billie Barbour Academic Coordinator (Success Coach) part-time MYC 66182
Valerie Mullins Academic Coordinator (Success Coach) MYC 66251
Sandy Sweeney Title III Administrative Assistant part-time MYC 66125
Dr. David Book Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness MC 66526
Marty Muenks Professor, Math/Success Coach/Disability Support Services LVC 66410
Maggie Price Academic Advisor/Success Coach RC 66362
Dr. Juli Book Academic Advisor/Success Coach MC 66516
David Lawler Professor (Learning Specialist, Coordinator, Academic Programs) LVC 66409
Barbara Campbell Chief Business Affairs Officer MYC 66103
Lisa Back Manager of Business Operations RC 66306
Debbie Gill Business Operations Specialist  LVC 66406
Vacant Business Affairs/Payroll Specialist RC 66317  
Robin Mingee Business Operations Specialist  RC 66315 
Missy Stitt Manager of Business Operations MYC 66158
Whitney Downing Business Affairs Assistant III MYC 66213
James Crouch Business Affairs Assistant MC 66506
Bookstore (Barnes and Noble)        
Stephanie Cooper Manager, Bookstore MYC 66238
Kayla Renchen Department Manager, Bookstore MYC 66166
Jeannie Bradley Bookstore Assistant RC 66380
Human Resources        
Sandi Estill Director of Human Resources Professional Development MYC  66119
Rhonda Rose Human Resources Specialist RC 66310
Vacant Human Resources Assistant RC    
Marketing & Public Relations        
Brady Shultz Director, Marketing & Communications (Public Relations) MYC 66519/66247
Brandy Esham Public Relations Specialist RC 66146
Tracy Duncan Public Relations part-time MYC 66262
Russ Ward Chief Operations Officer RC 66303
Information Technology        
Brett Cable Director, Information Technology, Information Security Officer/Security Breach Coordinator RC 66304
Mike Hardy Information Technology Coordinator MYC 66214
Blaine Ostrom Information Technology Assistant MC 66599
Jack Ginn Information Technology Assistant LVC 66435
Chris Morris Information Technology Assistant MYC 66273
Maintenance and Operations        
Dale Reynolds Facilities Management Specialist RC 66360
Jerry Blevins Maintenance & Operations Assistant Supervisor MYC 66157
Rick Douglas Maintenance & Operations Assistant Supervisor MC 66502
Sheila Mitchell Custodial Worker II MC 66502
Vacant Custodial Worker II MYC    
Carol Fritz Custodial Worker II MYC 66157
Elwood Hamiltion Custodial Worker II RC 66360
Wylie Hedge Maintenance Worker MYC 66157
Roger Hurst Custodial Worker II MYC 66157
Larry Lemons Facilities Management Specialist LVC 66408
Patricia Payne  Custodial Worker II MYC 66157
William Booker Maintenance Worker MYC 66157
Trent Rich Facilities Management Team Leader MYC 66157
Kyle Stacy Custodial Worker II RC 66360
Vacant Maintenance Worker RC    
Tracie Stamper Custodial Worker II LVC 66408
Brenda Walker Custodial Worker II MYC 66157
Pat McHugh Administrative Assistant I (Communications Operator) MYC 66100
Safety and Security        
Jeff Stevens Maintenance & Operations Supervisor RC 66357 or 606-694-6400
Kevin Willoughby Security Worker RC 66510
Office of the Provost        
Dr. Thomas Ware Provost MYC 66114
Elizabeth Weiss Senior Administrative Assistant MYC 66164
Vicky Oney Senior Administrative Assistant RC 66365
Rita Thomas Coordinator, Academic Programs (Distance Learning) MYC 66130
Emily Thurman Dual Credit Coordinator/Academic Advisor MYC 66124
David Lawler Professor (Learning Specialist, Coordinator, Academic Programs) LVC 66409
Academic Services        
Dr. Dana Calland Professor, Math QEP Director MYC 66148
Paula Lewis Coordinator, Ready-to-Work RC 66301
Brie Bickley Coordinator, Ready-to-Work MYC 66181
Joetta Johnson Coordinator, Work-and-Learn MC 66508
Kathy Reed Director, Program Facilitation (Director, Student Support Services) MYC 66264
Tonya Arnett College Counselor MYC 66265
Ellen Bowman College Counselor MYC 66263
Bracken, Fleming, Harrison, Lewis, Mason, Nicholas & Robertson Adult Education      
Sherry Stacy Director, Adult Education/College Prep MYC 66278
Jerry Morrison Office Assistant, Mason County, part-time MYC 66163
Trevor Applegate Adult Education Specialist I, Robertson County MYC 606-724-5222
Crystal Banks Adult Education Specialist I, Harrison County LVC 66422
Jacalyn Claxon Adult Education Specialist I, Lewis County part-time MYC 606-796-0245
Teresa Duncan Adult Education Specialist I, Harrison County LVC 66422
Dustin Grooms Adult Education Specialist I, Fleming County MYC 606-845-4708
Debbie Kennard Adult Education Specialist II, Lewis County MYC 66249
Linda Parsons Adult Education Specialist, Nicholas County part-time MYC 66261
Bonnie Prager Adult Education Specialist, Mason County part-time MYC 66249
Jerry Prager Adult Education Specialist, Mason County part-time MYC 66249
Christina Sandoval Adult Education Specialist II, Mason County MYC 66249
Whitney Stroup Adult Education Specialist II, Mason County part-time MYC 66261
John Riffe Adult Education Specialist I, Bracken County MYC 606-796-0245
John Rice Adult Education Specialist I, Nicholas/Robertson Counties MYC 606-735-2212
Library Services        
Sonja Eads Professor, Director, Library Services MYC 66206
Carla Redden Assistant Professor, Librarian III MYC 66206
Carla Keller Library Specialist LVC 66417
Garon Overley Library Specialist RC 66366
Becky Bliss   MC 66525
Workforce Solutions/Community Education        
Brittany Corde Director of Community, Workforce and Economic Development MYC 66116
Marlene Lykins Administrative Assistant II MYC 66120
Keri Teegarden Business Affairs Assistant II (Business Services Assistant II) MYC 66118
Gwyn Gallenstein Coordinator, Continuing Education, Community Services MYC 66117
Lenora Kinney Coordinator, Continuing Education, Community Services LVC 66419
Jeremy Noble Workforce Development Liason RC 606-780-0629
Lori Sorrell Workforce Development Liason MC 66523
Angie Potter Coordinator Career Service/AO MYC 66112
Carrie Taylor Associate Professor, Horticulture MYC 66232
Ritchie Katko Workforce Development Training Specialist RC
Megan Watson Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Cosmetology RCDE 606-780-0628
Penny Welch Instructor, Cosmetology part-time RCDE 606-780-0628
Business & Related Technologies        
Natasha Maddox Assistant Professor/Division Chair MYC 66162
Mike McNutt Instructor, Information Technology MYC 66145
Melissa Bishop Instructor, Administrative Office Technology MYC 66201
Melissa Carroll Professor, Administrative Office Technology MC 66514
Tara Thornberry Professor, Economics MYC 66132
Ann Flora Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Culinary Arts MYC 606 564-9992
Patrick Zemba Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts MYC 606 564-9992
Janet Garrison Professor/Coordinator, Information Technology MYC 66139
Sharon Staviski Assistant Professor, Information Technology RC 66318
Debra Morris Professor/Coordinator, Administrative Office Technology RC 66316
Wendy Noble Professor/Coordinator, Business Administration MYC 66160
Terry Pasley Professor, Information Technology MYC 66153
Jennifer Ouderkirk Assistant Professor/Coordinator, Medical Information Technology RC 66333
Health Sciences        
Debbie Nolder Division Chair, Professor/Coordinator, RN/PN MYC 66253
Belinda Honican Administrative Assistant II MYC 66102
Debora Boone Associate Professor, RN DOL MYC 66161
Tammy Burns Assistant Professor, PN MYC 66279
Deanna Butler Associate Professor, Medical Assisting MYC 66230
Jeffery Callihan Associate Professor, Respiratory Therapy RC 66337
Dawn Greenfield Instructor, RN RC 66331
Tara Mays Instructor, PN RC 66361
Ashley Crabtree Instructor, PN MYC 66152
Luanne Wilson Instructor, RN LVC 66441
Shannon Frodge Professor, RN MYC 66149/66437
Rebecca Lightner Professor, RN MYC 66155
Pamela Peeff Instructor/PN MC 66524
Tiffany Lawson Instructor, PN MC 66521
Susan McDowell Associate Professor, PN MYC 66252
Melanie Morris Associate Professor, PN  LVC 66440
Sally Parker Associate Professor /Coordinator, Medicaid Nurse Aide MYC 66257
Diana Reeder Associate Professor/Coordinator, Medical Assisting RC 66363
Dr. Rhonda Sims Professor, RN   MYC 66137
Michelle Thoroughman Instructor/Coordinator, Medical Lab Technology MYC 66277
Marlene Vice Professor/Coordinator, Respiratory Therapy RC 66308
Vicki Haley-Rosser Assistant Professor, RN  MYC 66150
Mary Alice Prater Instructor, Physical Therapist Assistant, Coordinator MYC 66509
Allie Barnett Instructor, RN LVC 66418
Industrial Technologies        
Tony Wallace Division Chair/Professor/Coordinator, Automotive Technology RC 66346
Vicky Oney Senior Administrative Assistant RC 66365
  Division Administrative Assistant MYC 66227  
Kenneth Barnett Associate Professor/Coordinator, Computerized Manufacturing & Machining Technology RC 66336
Chalmer Cloud Professor, Carpentry EKCC 606 743-2800 ext. 202
Robbie Graves Professor/Coordinator, Industrial Maintenance Technology MYC 66513
Robert Hamm Professor/Coordinator, Air Conditioning Technology RC 66373
David Hatton Instructor, Industrial Maintenance Technology KY FAME MYC 66189
Adam Hawkins Assistant Professor, Air Conditioning Technology MC 66512
Jack Hawkins Assistant Professor, Air Conditioning Technology Coordinator, General Occupational/Technical Studies MYC 66141
Gordon Jones Instructor/Coordinator, Energy Systems Technology MYC 66151
John King Professor/Coordinator, Construction Technology RC 66332
Nicholas Pecco Associate Professor, Welding Technology RC 66348
Brandin Perkins Professor/Coordinator, Electrical Technology  RC 66343
Matthew Porter Instructor, Welding Technology MYC 66159
Dennis Swartz Associate Professor/Coordinator, Diesel Technology RC 66341
Liberal Arts & Education        
Alex Hyrcza Division Chair, Professor, History MYC 66108
Kathleen Mellenkamp Professor/Program Director, Early Childhood  MYC 66121
Dr. Martha Bone Professor, English MYC 66111
Tony Boyd Professor, Education MYC 66178
Tina Curtis Assistant Professor, Communications MYC 66200
Jeanette Dickison Professor, Art MYC 66188
Dallas McKinney Instructor/Coordinator, Criminal Justice MC 66518
Nancy Hunter Professor, Developmental MYC 66143
Vacant  Instructor      
John Klee Professor, History MYC 66106
Christina McCleanhan Instructor, English RC 66234
Dr. Jerry Napier Associate Professor, History LVC 66457
Mary Jane Sharp Professor, Psychology/Sociology MYC 66187
Donna Slone-Crumbie Associate Professor, English MC 66511
Melinda Walker Associate Professor, Psychology LVC 66439
Brianna Whitten Associate Professor, English MYC 66171
Jeff Wylie Professor, English MYC 66109
Mathematics & Natural Sciences        
Dr. Angela Fultz Professor, Chemistry-Division Chair   MYC 66133
David Lawler Professor (Learning Specialist, Coordinator, Academic Programs)   LVC 66409
Jennifer Adler Assistant Professor, Biology   LVC 66431
Tammy Alburg Instructor, Math/Astronomy   RC 66307
Liz Dement Instructor, Biology   MC 66520
Elena May Associate Professor, Math   RC 66358
John Scott Miller Associate Professor, Physics   MYC 66136
Brenda Moore Assistant Professor, Math   LVC 66430
Marty Muenks Professor, Math/Success Coach/Disability Support Services   LVC 66410
Charles Lykins Instructor, Math   MC 66517
Channing Richardson Instructor, Biology    RC 66305
Rena Zanakis Instructor, Math    MYC 66194
Dr. Christopher Sears Associate Professor, Math   MYC 66154
Justin Weiss Associate Professor, Biology   MYC 66128
Sharon Wilson Professor, Biology   MYC 66170
East Kentucky Correctional Complex Adult Education        
Steve Meadows Regional Director, Corrections EKCC 606-743-2800 ext. 306
Chalmer Cloud Professor EKCC 606-743-2800 ext. 305
Holli Litteral Professor   EKCC 606-743-2800 ext. 305
Duane Suttles Fire Rescue Area Coordinator FRTA 606 784-1393
Christy Rodgers Testing & Assessment Coordinator-Fire Rescue FRTA 606 784-1393
Tammy Duncan Office Coordinator FRTA 606 784-1393