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Introducing Kentucky's GED Program!

Qualifying candidates could earn their GED Diploma in as little as 12-20 hours. Free GED testing is also available. For more information, call 606-759-7141 ext. 66249 and ask for Dustin. You could be on your way to employment or college in no time at all! Please fill out the forms below to enroll today.

I acknowledge that I was given the opportunity to participate in the MCTC Skills U College and Career Pathway program sessions. I also understand that the College and Career Navigator’s role is to assist GED seeking students in accessing and succeeding in Adult Education and college programs, and/or in attaining occupational credentials, and/or in pursuing quality careers. At this time, my primary focus is to obtain a GED credential only. I do NOT want to earn any other certificate or credential, nor do I plan to change my career/employment status after I earn a GED.

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By signing the authorization form, you allow adult education to use your information to promote the program.

Authorizations & Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS):

I understand that by signing this statement authorizes the staff of the MCTC Skills U to enter my results in the Kentucky Adult Education Reporting System (KAERS), where it can be accessed by other KY Skills U staff throughout the state. My signature authorizes the staff of the MCTC Skills U Program to release information concerning my enrollment, including but not limited to attendance, progress, test results to all employers, other KY Skills U centers, the court system (including probation and parole), Department of Community Based Services (including CASA workers, social workers, KTAP, Work-n-Learn, Ready to Work, etc.) WIOA, Office of Employment Training (OET), and the judicial systems, and access an email account to use in TABE, GED Readiness Testing and Ged Registration.

I hereby consent to the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary and Kentucky Skills U permission to release my postsecondary enrollment, GED Testing Service information, and employment status to KY Skills U providers as well as enrollment information to Kentucky Community and Technical College Systems (KCTCS).

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Electronic Access/User Agreement & Media Recording Release:

I hereby agree to comply with the internet and electronic mail rules and to communicate over the computer network in a responsible manner while abiding by all relevant law’s restrictions. I further understand that violation of the regulations in unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Should I commit any violation, my access privileges may be revoked.

I hereby consent and agree that the MCTC Skills U Program, its employees or agents have the right to take photographs, videotape, or digitally record me during this fiscal year and to use these in any and all media, now or hereafter known. I further consent that my name and identity may be revealed therein or by descriptive text or commentary

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MCTC Adult Education Distance Learning Policy

MCTC Adult Education believes that students who consistently participate by attending classes in-person are more likely to increase their academic performance, achieve successful progress scores and to reach their goals. However, we also realize that students may be prevented from regularly attending in-person classes for a variety of reasons – work schedules, home life, disabilities or mobility issues, etc. If students cannot consistently attend in-person classes, local programs provide several distance learning options to accommodate students.

  • Each adult education provider location will have a designated Distance Learning Lead (DLL). (Dustin Grooms, Maysville campus)
    • The DLL’s purpose is to serve as a resource and “go to” person for other instructors regarding the various distance learning programs offered.
  • Determining Student Interest/Need for a Distance Learning Program
    • Determining students' interest/need in a distance learning program should be a part of each program's orientation process. If a student expresses interest/need in a distance learning program during orientation, that information should be documented and forwarded to an appropriate instructor.
    • Instructors should follow up with the student within two weeks of the student’s official start date to further discuss a distance learning program and determine best plans for the student. Notes regarding this follow-up discussion may be documented in the student's file.
  • Expectations for Student Progress
    • Per MCTC AE’s attendance policy, students are expected to attend class at least ten hours per week, cumulatively. Attendance can be in the form of a distance learning program, in-class instruction, paper packets/workbooks, or a combination of all the above.
      • It is each instructor’s responsibility to monitor students’ distance learning accounts weekly and report DL hours.
      • It is each instructor’s responsibility to contact students who have not been completing DL assignments to see if they are having problems/issues with the program(s) or technology. Instructors will continue to monitor student accounts and follow up with inactive students to maximize retention and student participation.
    • It is each student’s responsibility to contact the instructor with questions about their distance learning program and materials.
      • It is each instructor’s responsibility to respond to student questions in a timely manner while the student remains enrolled and active.
    • Online student accounts that remain inactive for 60 days – after consistent retention/follow up efforts made in good faith - will be deactivated.
  • Documenting Distance Learning
    • Instructors will be responsible for tracking students’ distance learning work and time. A distance learning log will be placed in each student’s file to record hours earned, and DL hours will be logged in KAERS weekly.
    • Detailed reports of students’ distance learning usage will be obtained from the appropriate distance learning program, printed, and maintained in students’ files.
    • Assigned workbooks such as Scoreboost, Steck-Vaughn, New Readers Press, etc. are worth four (4) hours of DL time.
    • Shorter packets printed from online (ex: Kuta Software) or sections from larger books will be tallied by 15 minutes per assigned page, eg. a 4-page packet is worth one (1) hour of DL.
  • GED Ready Tests Taken Off-Site
    • Students may take GED Ready tests using provided test vouchers at an off-site location. Instructors will assign GED Ready tests to students as appropriate and document completion of GED Ready tests as proxy hours in accordance with the KYAE Implementation Guidelines.
  • Student Use of MCTC Devices
    • Students’ technological needs (e.g., having no laptop/tablet to complete DL assignments) may be addressed on a case-by-case basis with “loaner” devices that can be checked out from local centers. These are for extreme cases only, and we encourage students to use their own devices when possible.
    • By agreeing to check out a laptop or device owned by MCTC AE (laptop/Chromebook/Study Buddy), students consent to undertake the financial liability incurred in case(s) of damage, theft, or loss.
        • Students who attempt to keep MCTC AE devices as their own or sell/trade them as personal property may be subject to civil suits or other legal action.
    • By agreeing to check out a laptop, students consent that the device remains the rightful property of KCTCS and MCTC AE programs and is meant only for the completion of distance learning assignments.

Agreement to terms and conditions of MCTC AE DL Program policy:

I have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions of MCTC AE’s DL policy. By signing, I consent to working with my instructor(s) to establish a plan for distance learning, completing DL assignments by assigned deadlines, maintaining communication with my instructor(s), and agree with the terms set forth regarding the use of MCTC AE devices (if applicable).

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