KCTCS Easy Refund Program

KCTCS now offers you the option of receiving your financial aid and tuition refunds by direct deposit through the KCTCS Easy Refund Program. Of course you still have the option of having your refund sent to your bank account or of receiving a paper check.

The KCTCS Easy Refund Program is in partnership with Higher One, a financial services and payment company focused exclusively on higher education, to distribute financial aid and tuition refunds to students. Higher One will offer a OneAccount checking account to each student. The OneAccount is optional and requires no minimum balance, no monthly fee and is FDIC insured.

What you need to do

Bank cards will be mailed to your current address. As soon as you receive your card you will activate it and select one of three options to receive your financial aid and tuition refunds. Once the card is activated you'll get your refund the same day it's released by KCTCS if you choose to have the money added to your debit card.

Have additional questions?

Visit www.bankmobilevibe.com.