Alumni Spotlight

At Maysville Community and Technical College, we are proud to celebrate the success of our students and graduates. Throughout the year, the success stories of our alumni will be featured in our Alumni Spotlight series online, in print and on social media. To learn more about our alumni, please take a minute to read their stories below.

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Brandi Lewis, Sales Administrator, Stober Drives

image of Brandi LewisOnce you meet Brandi Lewis, you will never forget her! Shes this months MCTC Alumni Spotlight.

Born in Mason County and, with the exception of a few youthful years moving around with her Navy family, she has always called Mason County her home. When Lewis graduated from Mason County High School in 1995, she began looking at several different colleges.

With the urge to live the adult life, she decided to put college on hold, get an apartment with friends and work full-time. She started working at Best Western as a 3rd shift front desk clerk and immediately began working her way up the ladder. She was in the accounting department when a job opportunity arose at Bluegrass Satellite and Security (later renamed JBM). She began work there as a night dispatcher and was quickly recognized for her talents. In no time, she became a manager.

She was in the purchasing department when JBM sold to a company out of state. Ms. Lewis didn't want to relocate and uproot her family, so she chose to stay in Mason County, jobless. She sought assistance from TENCO WIA and was able to get dislocated worker assistance that landed her a temporary job at Stober Drives. Although the position only lasted a couple months, Lewis made quite an impression on Stober employees.

It wasn't long before Lewis got a call about an opening in the Customer Service Apprenticeship Program. The world of gear boxes was foreign to Lewis, I needed specific training; to read blueprints, to understand ratios, and the list went on. Luckily for Lewis, Stober offers a college assistance program for employees. This was my shot to get a college degree, stated Lewis.

Lewis chose MCTC as her college of choice. She earned an Associate in Science degree in just 18 months with a 4.0 GPA. I was nervous and intimidated about starting college. I was the only female in many of my classes, stated Lewis. However, everyone at MCTC was very encouraging and supportive and helped to get me through.

When asked about advice for folks thinking about college, her response was: Its never too late! Be a sponge and absorb as much information as you can! Never settle for average! Be great and excel!

Lewis is currently a Sales Administrator at Stober and has been an employee there for four years. She resides in Maysville with her two sons, Camdyn and Kyin. She is an active member at the Scott United Methodist Church and serves on the School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council at the Mason County Intermediate School.

Crystal May, Certified Medical Assistant, Dr. Holmes Office

image of Crystal May, Alumni Spotlight and Certified Medical AssistantCrystal May of Bracken County was recently honored with an MCTC Distinguished Alumna award. A 2013 graduate of the MCTC Medical Assisting program, May was nominated for the award by Assistant Professor Deanna Butler for her outstanding performance in the classroom.

My dream was always to become a nurse until I came across the Medical Assisting program at MCTC, stated May. Choosing this career path has allowed me to be at home with my family at night, during the weekends and on holidays.

May did a great deal of soul searching before starting the program and recommends that every student figure out what they want to do before proceeding. The class sizes at MCTC are small and the professors there are great; everyone is ready to help.

May is employed at Dr. Holmes office as a Certified Medical Assistant, where she oversees front-of-the-office scheduling. She currently resides in Bracken County with her husband and five children.

For more information on the Medical Assisting program at MCTC, contact Deanna Butler at 606-759-7141, ext. 66230 or by email at

Dr. Michael Berry, Pharmacist/Owner, Mason Family Drug

image of Dr. Michael BerryHe may have filled your prescriptions. He may have given you immunization shots. Dr. Michael Berry, owner of Mason Family Drug is recognized as MCTCs Alumni Spotlight. Berry graduated from Maysville Community and Technical College with an Associate in Science. MCTC was just the right fit for me coming out of high school, claims Berry. I was able to use MCTC as a stepping stone to get where I needed to be. I knew early on what I wanted to do and MCTC offered everything I needed to get my general education requirements out of the way and then transfer out.

From MCTC, Berry went on to the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture where he earned his bachelors degree in Agricultural Biotechnology. From there he furthered his education at the University of Kentucky's College of Pharmacy where he earned a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. Berry entered the workforce, spending 10 years working in both independent and chain pharmacies in Mason, Fleming, Rowan and Bracken counties.

In 2011, Berry purchased Mason Family Drug, an independent pharmacy located near Meadowview Hospital. Ive always wanted the opportunity to have my own business right here in my hometown, stated Berry. Its my passion to serve the community by providing a pharmacy with a compassionate environment that is centered on the patient health, convenience and the well being of our community, stated Berry.

Working with a staff of 14 full and part-time employees, Berry oversees the operation of the full-service pharmacy on a daily basis. They provide local delivery, immunizations, professional compounding, medication therapy management (MTMs), multi-dose packing, limited durable medical equipment and much more.

Berry has a strong tie to the foundational success of MCTC. He is the son of the late Dr. Robert Berry, the first professor ever hired. I owe my success to my father. He was a great mentor to me and helped me every step of the way.

When asked to give advice to potential MCTC students, Dr. Berry responded with this: Pick something you love to do, then decide how to get there in the most affordable and practical manner. Even today, financially, it just makes sense. You still have the opportunity to live at home and reduce expenses. At MCTC you know your teachers personally with smaller class sizes, and I was able to get the core classes out of the way and take a larger class load because I had their support team helping me.

Dr. Berry grew up in May's Lick and lives there still with his wife, Elizabeth, and their two sons, Jacob and Joshua.

Monica Hill, Attorney, Campbell, Rogers & Hill, PLLC

image of Monica HillMonica Hill is an astute attorney born and raised in Fleming County. She began her college career at Maysville Community and Technical College, where she earned an Associate in Science degree. During her tenure, she worked at an attorneys office in downtown Maysville. My experience at MCTC was great! I wanted to learn and took my education very serious. I had wonderful professors there, but my favorite was Dr. Story, stated Hill.

Hill then transferred to Morehead State University where she began to pursue a degree in biology. I was close to graduation and one afternoon I came home and told my husband that I wanted to apply to law school. From that day I never looked back, commented Hill. She earned a bachelors degree in University Studies at MSU and went on to Northern Kentucky University's Chase College of Law. I would have never explored the field of law had it not been for that work study position while at MCTC.

I truly believe that I am doing what I was called to do. I cant see myself doing anything else. I love it, but its the hardest thing Ive ever done in my whole life. When asked to give advice to anyone contemplating future careers, Hill quickly responded, Explore what is out there, decide what you are good at and do something you truly love.

Hills office is located in Rowan County, where she specializes in criminal defense, family and personal injuries. She currently resides in Fleming County with her husband of twenty years, Chad (also an MCTC alumni) and three children.

Robert Roe, General Manager, WFTM AM/FM Radio

image of Robert RoeRobert Roe began his educational career at Maysville Community and Technical College in 1981. While going to school full-time, he started working at WFTM radio full-time as a night DJ. In addition to his workload, Roe filmed summer shows, conferences, tourism videos and even a training video for the City of Maysville that won him an award from the Governor. He was also the recipient of the MCTC Excellence in Television Production Award.

It wasn't long before his many talents were discovered at WFTM and his role quickly expanded to graphic and web design. Roe earned an Associate in Arts degree in Communications at Maysville Community and Technical College before transferring to Morehead State University where he earned a Bachelors degree in Communications with a minor in Journalism. Now, several years later, Roe is the General Manager at WFTM AM/FM Radio. I literally continue to do everything I went to school for and I love it, said Roe.

Heavily involved with the community, Roe is passionate about giving back. He has worked with organizations such as the Renaissance Committee, Relay for Life, the Buffalo Trace Balloon Race, the Maysville Players and is now the President of the Maysville/Mason County Arts Commission. We are a community station and we have to give as good as we get. We need to stay involved, commented Roe.

When asked what advice he has for potential college students, he quickly quoted his favorite philosopher, John Mayer: There is no such thing as the real world, its all a lie we've got to rise above.

Roe currently resides in May's Lick with his wife Lorita.

Sandy Bailey, Cardiopulmonary, Sleep Services & Lab Services Dir., Fleming Co. Hospital

image of Sandy BaileySandy Bailey was recently recognized as a Maysville Community and Technical College Distinguished Alumnus. After high school graduation, Bailey opted to enter the workforce. She got a job at Jockey International and worked there for nearly 16 years until the business closed its doors. She knew deep down she didn't have a passion for the work at Jockey, but when the plant closed, the opportunity to shift life plans couldn't have been more perfect.

I had heard of the Respiratory Care program at MCTC and decided to pursue it, claims Bailey. After being out of school for over 16 years, Bailey admits she was nervous and excited. On my first day, Ill never forget my professor warning the class of the program rigor and that many would not see it to completion. I remember thinking you don't know me though, laughs Bailey. Bound and determined, she worked hard and stayed focused. Not only did Bailey graduate from the Respiratory Care program, she was awarded Most Outstanding Clinical Student and Top Academic Student.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in her family. Baileys daughter went to NKU to pursue a teaching degree. In the midst of the program, she changed her mind and told her mother that she too wanted to go into respiratory. I told her that MCTC has the best respiratory program around, so she moved back home and got her degree from MCTC, stated Bailey. She now works as a Respiratory Therapist in Lexington.

Sandy Bailey is currently the Administrative Director of Cardiopulmonary Services, Director of the Laboratory and Director of the Sleep Lab at Fleming County Hospital. She oversees the work 18 full-time and 11 part-time employees. She is also an Advisory Board Member for the MCTC Respiratory Care program.

When asked to give advice to potential MCTC students, Ms. Bailey responded with this: Age is not a factor. You can achieve anything you want to. College may seem like its unattainable, but I am living proof that it is.

Theresa Marshall - Office Coordinator, Ohio Valley Heart

image of Theresa Marchall, Alumni Spotlight and Office CoordinatorTheresa Marshall of Fleming County was recently honored with the MCTC Distinguished Alumna Award. Marshall began her MCTC journey in 1993 where she earned an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Administration. She spent the next 25 years in the banking industry and decided it was time for a change.

In 2011, Marshall enrolled in the MCTC Medical Assisting program, where she later earned an Associate in Applied Science degree in General Occupational/Technical Studies. I loved MCTC, claims Marshall. Its a great benefit for our community and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Marshall was nominated for the MCTC Distinguished Alumna Award by Assistant Professor Deanna Butler for her outstanding performance in the classroom and the Medical Assisting program. She is currently employed at Ohio Valley Heart as the Office Coordinator where she oversees the day-to-day operations. Marshall also serves on the Advisory Committee for the MCTC Medical Assisting program.

For more information on the Medical Assisting program at MCTC, contact Deanna Butler at 606-759-7141, ext. 66230 or by email at