Dual Credit FAQ's

Our dual credit program was designed to smooth the transition from high school to college, shorten the time needed to earn an undergraduate degree, and improve the study habits, general academic readiness, and academic options for college-bound students.

For more information contact:
Emily Thurman
(606) 759-7141 ext. 66124


HelpWhat is dual credit?

Dual credit is credit you receive while taking classes at your local high school or on the MCTC campus. You may receive college credit, in addition, to high school credit when dually enrolled.

informationWhere do I go for information?

Go to the MCTC website and click on Academics then Dual Credit. Here you will find the online application, the benefits of taking classes while still in high school, our participating schools, classes and other information.

ApplyHow do I register for a dual credit class?

Talk with your high school counselor or principal. A representative from MCTC will visit your college to aid in completion of the admission process.

bar graphAre there scores or criteria I must meet?

Yes, you will need to meet the placement scores for certain classes! ACT benchmarks are ENG 18; Reading 20; Math 22 (a 19-21 will allow you to enroll in College Algebra with an online tutorial of MAT 100). If you do not meet ACT benchmarks, you can register to take the COMPASS, an assessment given at the college. The COMPASS is free of charge for first time takers, computer-based, and not timed. You may call 606-759-7141,to register for testing.

Page with an A+ gradeHow will I get my grades?

The instructor will submit your grade. Grades will also be sent to the high school counselor. You may then request a transcript by mail or view your grades online through your MCTC Student Self Service account.

EnvelopeHow do I get a copy of my transcript?

You may request your transcript through the National Clearinghouse or in person at MCTC. There is a $7 fee for an official transcript. You may also view your transcript online in your Student Self Service Account.

U.S. Dollar SignWhat will it cost

Currently, high school students enrolled for dual credit will pay 50% of the regular tuition. As of 2015-2016 academic year, this charge would be $75.50 per credit hour. Most classes are 3 credit hours or $226.50. We do offer a payment plan through the MCTC Business Office at 606-759-7141, 66104.

Academic policiesWill the classes transfer?

Thanks to an agreement among all four-year public institutions in Kentucky, the general education courses you take at MCTC will prepare you for transfer to a four-year institution. Earn your associate of arts or associate of science degree at MCTC, and you'll be "General Education Certified"-- which means you don't have to take more general education courses after you transfer.