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Opportunities to Bid

Opportunities to Bid with KCTCS

Below is a list of the sealed Invitation to Bid and Request for Proposals opportunities currently available with the KCTCS Purchasing Department. To be considered, each sealed bid or proposal must be received by the date supplied.

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Accessing Documents

To download an item, simply select the link of the Invitation Number (ex: "KCT-00654"). If an item has a Expand next to it, the item has addenda available for download. To access the addenda, simply click the Expand and the view will expand to show the addenda.

View Solicitation Results (.xls file) for Invitation to Bid and Request for Proposals (NEW!), on separate tabs within the excel file. Available up to 30 days from the award date.

Invitations to Bid

Invitation Number | Title | Opening Date*
Avizia Equipment
X-Ray Machines

Request for Proposal

Invitation Number | Title | Opening Date*
Business Execution Solutions

Public Auctions

Invitation Number | Title | Opening Date*
There are no items available at this time. Please check back periodically for updates, or subscribe to our RSS feed to have instant access to items when they are added.

Office of Facilities Management

Invitation Number | Title | Opening Date*
Avizia Equipment


* Unless noted otherwise, all opening times are 4:00 P.M. E.S.T.

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