Campus Lockdown Procedures

What is a lockdown?

A lockdown prevents persons from entry or departure from a Maysville Community and Technical College campus facility and is used to protect building occupants in the case of emergency.  Once an emergency is declared by the President, or an appropriate designee, and the Snap alert has been given, the following lockdown procedures are to be followed:

  1. Remain inside your building.
  2. Lock doors, if possible or barricade doors and take cover to protect yourself.
  3. Do not seek shelter in open areas such as hallways or corridors. Go to the nearest classroom, office, conference or storage room that can be locked.
  4. If no other options are possible escape and evade.
  5. Place a red card under the door and in the window (where available) if someone is injured or you need immediate assistance.   
  6. The red cards are located behind and on the doors in a folder.
  7. Turn off lighting and ventilation, if possible.
  8. Close window coverings, blinds, shades etc.
  9. Remain quiet and in place until notified by emergency personal.
  10. Silence cell phones and do not use them unless you are in contact with emergency personnel.
  11. If outdoors seek shelter behind a building, wall, or large tree.  It is important to “hide” from a shooter.
  12. Do not allow anyone to exit the classroom.   Maintenance personnel or Law Enforcement will come to the room and announce themselves and unlock doors.
  13. Always stay alert to rapidly changing and dynamic situations.  Staying calm is crucial.  Hysteria can lead to making poor decisions or taking needless risk.


Notification of a campus lockdown can be communicated via the (Snap) Alert System.  Snap stands for Safety Notification Alert System. Site to register for SNAP is on the MCTC home page under Emergencies.

  1. All IP phones will announce and display the message.
  2. All computers on MCTC network will display the message.
  3. Anyone off campus that is signed up for SNAP should receive a text message and phone call and remain off campus.